Saturday, October 20, 2007

The morning after

Well this week has been pretty laid back as I recover from the marathon. Monday I was pretty sore and I got hit with a cold pretty bad. Miles had been fighting one for a while so I'm happy it held off until after the big day. By Wednesday the soreness had subsided so I ventured out to the gym for some "no-impact" stationary bike riding. Friday I got a chance to hit the pool, and then today was my first run. I only went 5 miles, which didn't feel too bad, but my calves were kind of tight, I think partly due to the swim yesterday. Next week I'll be back into a semi-normal schedule, with daily runs and swimming where I can fit it in. I'm off to California on Thursday though, so I'll have to find time for some running "on-the-road."

By the way, my pictures are online at Brightroom, but there are only two and neither is what I was hoping for. I was wearing bib number 1457.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Twenty-Six Point Two!

I crushed the marathon today, crossing the line with 3:32:45 on the clock. We'll see what the chip time gives me.

The Denver Marathon was a class act all the way, everything ran like clockwork and the gatorade stations were plentiful. It would be great to see this race at the top of the list along with Boston, New York and Chicago. Even with the rain there were lots of spectators lining the course from start to finish. They are the real heroes of the day, the runners are running and generating heat, the spectators just get cold and wet.

Melissa, Elijah and Miles were all at the finish to welcome me back and it was wonderful to see the support that my family offers me. As I ran through the rain I thought many times how others must think I am crazy to want to do this. But the love and support of my wonderful wife and children are there regardless.

Update: My chip time is up and my time for the race was 3:32:09!! I came in 188 out of a field of 1563.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tomorrow's the day

I picked up my race packet yesterday and so far I am impressed with the quality of the race. Of particular note are the Saturn cowbells for spectators, and the race bib, which has my name written on it! Being downtown yesterday with all the runners around brought me right back to the energy of the race last year. This year I am much better prepared and have a lot more confidence in the distance. In addition, having the race in my own backyard helps me to keep my routine pretty stable in these final days. The only monkey wrench in the works this year is the 70% chance of rain for tomorrow morning. I don't think it will be a factor once I get running and warmed up, but standing at the start line will not be pleasant with rain coming down. But with 4 plus months of training and $100 race fee on the line I will just have to make the best of it. Anything is better than what happened with the Chicago marathon last week!

Also of note, I'm not sure if anyone has been paying attention to the milage total on the sidebar here, but I will break 1500 miles for the year in the first few miles of the marathon.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The last week

Only one more week until the marathon! The taper is going well, I am down to 38.5 miles this week from 57 during training. Today's 11 mile run seemed like I was just getting warmed up. With a laid back week coming up I just have to rest up for next Sunday. Carbo loading is in order this week as well, gotta love carbs!