Saturday, December 15, 2007

Go Gadget Go!

I have a new toy to play with on my runs now. A friend of mine bought a new heart rate monitor on Cragslist so he gave me his slightly used one. Now I can monitor my heart rate as I exercise and try to hit the target zones optimal for training. Yesterday it was very icy out so I opted to hit the gym and give the new gadget a try. I did impromptu speedwork, with a mile of warmup, followed by 3 miles of 2 laps hard, 1 lap recovery, and then another mile cooldown. During the speedwork session I was well into the 80-100% max heart rate that is optimal for speed training. My average for the session was 155 bpm, and max was 188. The max is actually only 2 bpm less than my maximum heart rate which is determined solely by my age. While I was working hard, it was certainly not an all out effort, so I suspect that my max heart rate is actually a little higher than 190.

It was nice getting out of the cold as all of my runs this week have been in the snow, which is really pretty, but adds another element to the workout. My quads have been sore since Wednesday!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pictures are up

You can see me struggling through the last 100 yards of the Colder Bolder on Sunday.

Boy do I look warm!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's Colder in Boulder

Today I ran the Colder Bolder invitational race in Boulder. It's a 5K race, but it is different in that you qualify for your wave based on your finishing time for the Bolder Boulder. That means that you are racing against people who are roughly the same speed as you, and if you have made significant fitness gains over the past year you have a chance to "win" your wave. My wave was the 46 minute invitational, and it had maybe 20 people racing in it. We all toed the line and with a blast from an air horn we were all off. Based off of the success of my speedwork this year my plan was to stick with the front of the pack for the race and either place in the top three, or get pulled along to a fast time. By the first half mile I was in the first 5 or 6 people, and the leader was setting a pretty fast pace. At the first (and only) mile marker we had set a 6:20 pace, but the leader could not hold on and fell back to be replaced by someone else. It was at this point that I moved into third place, hoping to hold on as well as I could. We hit a decent hill though, with a stiff headwind and it took a lot out of me, so I knew that it was only a matter of time before I was reeled in by someone who had paced themselves a bit better. Eventually I was passed by a guy who I swear must have been twice my height and was taking one stride to my two, and then finally by another guy who I had been neck-in-neck with for most of the race. I finished 5th in my wave in 21:02 (according to my watch). I felt a little bad having missed the "podium" by just 30 seconds or so, and the prize was a stuffed macaroni penguin (which Elijah has come to recognize from Diego). It would have been nice to bring back such a prize to Elijah, but I just have to be satisfied with a ripping fast PR (personal record) in the 5K.