Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quality Speedwork, In About an Hour

Finding time to run is a challenge with hectic schedules, so I usually find the best time to run is during lunch. This can somewhat limit workout choices if I am limited to just an hour. Today I ran a hard workout that was taxing enough to be quality training, but was finished in about 50 minutes including warm-up and cool-down. As the workout was based on time intervals rather than distance anyone can complete this workout in the same time regardless of pace or course profile. I thought I would share in case there are any similarly time constrained runners out there looking for a good workout.

  1. Warm-up: 8 minutes easy jog

  2. Interval: 3 minutes (should be fairly hard effort, 5k race pace)

  3. Recovery: 1:30 easy jog

  4. Interval: 3 minutes (5k race pace)

  5. Recovery: 1:30 easy jog

  6. Interval: 3 minutes (5k race pace)

  7. Recovery: 1:30 easy jog

  8. Interval: 3 minutes (5k race pace)

  9. Recovery: 1:30 easy jog (If you are running an out-and-back route this is where you turn around)

  10. Interval: 3 minutes (5k race pace)

  11. Recovery: 1:30 easy jog

  12. Interval: 3 minutes (5k race pace)

  13. Recovery: 1:30 easy jog

  14. Interval: 3 minutes (5k race pace)

  15. Recovery: 1:30 easy jog

  16. Interval: 3 minutes (5k race pace)

  17. Cool Down: 8 minutes easy

As long as you don't go too hard at the beginning of this workout you should be near where you started if you turned around at halfway. This accomplishes both the speedwork goal (hard intervals with short recovery) and even split.

I consider this workout a "short" run, so if you are not used to running 1 hour+ then scale back the intervals accordingly. You should be able to find a good balance of effort/time. Your lunch hour will never be the same!

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BoulderRunner said...

I am definitely doing this next time out! Need to get back some speed.