Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cross Training

I did a mix of things today. I started off heading out the door a little early to get in a pool workout before work. I swam for half an hour and worked a bit on breathing on my "off" side. I am much better at breathing on my right side and whenever I try to do it on the left I feel like a fish out of water. But I should be able to do both so practice I must. I got to work and got my helium fill done, then I was off for a 9 mile run with Todd. We ran out towards Stapleton today and ended up going under where the old runways for Stapleton airport used to be. It was kind of cool to see how big they were and how thick and reinforced the concrete was. It was a nice run and will probably serve as the long run for the week as the weather is not supposed to be as nice on Friday and the weekend. Anyway it was interesting to see that my body could still handle a run like that after already being a little tired out from the pool.

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