Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The results are in...

Well the final results are in at the Cherry Creek Sneak website. I came in 803 out of 2027 with an official time of 42:38. I'm happy with the result and I sure had fun running it. It's funny but it doesn't even seem like I was running that long, it just flew by. That's what tends to happen when I go out though. Last night I went out for about 5 miles at an easier pace, it felt great to get the race kinks out of my legs. Now I am thinking about whether I want to run in the Bolder Boulder. We'll see I guess. Hopefully pictures of me in the race will be online soon!

I'm going to try to start blogging more regularly now, although it is harder than it seems. I always used to give Melissa a hard time if she didn't blog in a couple of days, now I can't think of anything worth writing about. Unfortunately as my time after work looks like: get home, make dinner, eat dinner, go for run, check email, go to bed, the time to blog is limited to work hours. Elijah really has made an impact on our lives. I can't wait until he starts sleeping more and we can stay up a little after he goes to bed. As it is we sleep when he sleeps.

In Apple news, Tiger is coming out on Friday. I have a copy on preorder for work, which is supposed to arrive on Friday, but will probably only make it as far as Shipping and Receiving, and they'll sit on it for a while. There really is no point in Couriering anything to my work anymore as it takes two days to get to my office after it appears on campus. The whole distribution system is much worse here than at the old campus. Anyway, hopefully it will arrive Monday at the very least. I'm looking forward to seeing if the 64Mb stacksize limit is lifted in this new kernel. I tried fiddling around with recompiling the current kernel, but still met up with a hard limit set somewhere in the system. This problem is just pushing me to do a full rewrite of the software in C rather than in FORTRAN. Believe me, if I've lost any of you it's not your fault, just be glad I decided not to talk about my byte-swapping problem I had a few months back. Apart from this rewriting business, I also have to write up my latest experiment for publication. It's a great method and really buttons up the major project that I came here to do. Next stop, who knows?

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