Tuesday, February 21, 2006

4 miles plus 4 minutes of hills

I had to go to Boulder today for a meeting and I didn't get to go for my run until 3. It was nice though, still not shorts weather, but well into the 40s. My pace was a little fast for the start so the hills kicked my a$$ again. I wish I had a better scale for the distances I run at work, either I was much faster than last week, or I'm not recovering enough in between my runs. I guess the solution to both is to go a little slower. I think it's mostly the pace of the 4 mile runs, I'm at work, I'm a little wound up, I think "hey, it's only 4 miles" and it all results in me going too quickly. Well that'll learn me!

I forgot to mention that I bought new socks for running. The arch support on my new running shoes means that a much larger portion of my arch now touches the insole. Over my long runs this has led to a blister the size of a couple of quarters on my arch. It's not that bad as there is not so much pressure on that part of my foot, just rubbing. But after my run on Sunday I was fed up. Cotton socks just hold the moisture next to your foot, which for an hour long run means that 8 oz of sweat are between your foot and your shoe. This means that by the end of an hour long run it feels like you have lined your shoes with sandpaper. The socks I bought are meant to wick the moisture away from the foot so there is not as much chafing. Today they felt really good, and my foot was not overly wet when I was done. Thursday will be the real test. The weird thing is that they are ankle socks, which I have never worn before. It feels very strange having my ankle all exposed like that, what will the neighbors think!?!

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