Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Big Game

Today is the Big Game and I'm excited to see it on our big TV with all our friends. It will be a great cap to a great weekend. Friday night we had some friends over for dinner and ended up talking and playing games until 11:30. Then yesterday we took a little trip to home depot to buy a floodlight for our back patio, a must for grilling in the dark. I had fun installing that, and for once I picked a gorgeous day to work outside.

I had two good runs this weekend, but no wildlife to speak of. I was out for an hour yesterday for 6 miles. As I said it was gorgeous, so I was able to run in just a T-shirt and shorts. It was great! Then today I ran down to the track at the local high school for some intervals. Unfortunately today it is windy and cold, and I needed my jacket. I should have taken my pants too instead of shorts as my legs got really cold. The track was nice as I was able to get a better idea of the pace I need to hit for my training runs. I ran a couple of loops at 10 minute per mile pace, then did a couple of 9 min/mile circuits followed by easy jogs around, then an 8 min/mile loop/easy jog and another 9 min/mile loop/easy jog. Then it was back home. The whole run took me 50 minutes, and was a really intense workout. While my distance has improved over the last year my pace has declined and I was surprised at the effort required to hit my target 9 min/mile. But that's what training is for I guess.

The highlight of the weekend was a guys night out last night, with a friendly poker game. We had a blast and were at it until almost midnight. I spent the last week preparing for it the best I could, reading through my poker book and playing a few hands against the computer. The practice ended up paying off as I ended up being able to hold my own and was actually one of the final two at the table!

Well, gotta go get ready for the party. Go Steelers!

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