Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Morning

I did a pleasant Sunday morning run today, seven miles at a decent pace. I didn't bring my watch for a change but it took me about an hour to finish the circuit. There are a lot of hills too, so it was a great workout. I feel like I'm getting back into it pretty quickly. The first week was tough but ever since then things have been a little easier. My goal is to get in five miles on Tuesday and Thursday, with easier 3 mile days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. With a 10 mile run on Saturday or Sunday that would put me at 35 miles a week, which is where I want to be. With this week past I think I can get pretty close to that goal in the next few weeks, and this would be a great way to keep in shape for distance.

The arts festival yesterday was pretty fun, and we got to have Peet's. I also got to get some yummy vegetables at the farmer's Market. I picked up a nice zucchini, some radishes and mixed greens. I grilled the zucchini last night and Elijah and I really enjoyed it. I also made a nice salad from the greens and radishes, which I topped with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. With the pizza we made (see Melissa's blog) it made for a great dinner and a nice change of pace. It seemed all we had last week was meat and carbs for dinner, so I told Melissa that I was meated-out. I must have recovered from it now because we got some nice thick pork chops for dinner. Mmmm! With the cinnamon apple raisin sauce I make with them tonight will be some good eating. Tomorrow I am back to work, but I have Tuesday off. I put up the flags that we got at the Bolder Boulder on our patio, so we are ready for the fourth! Our neighbor across the street put up a beautiful flag on her patio. Nice and crisp and bright, it is the way the Stars and Stripes should be displayed. I want one just like it, but I'll probably wait and get one as a celebration when we finally get to become citizens. Gotta get that green card first though!

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