Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This is why I started a training plan!

What with wet weather last week and late nights at work this week, tonight was my first run in a week and a half. Without the structure of a training plan, and with the daytime hours being too hot, I've been slacking. Tonight was great though! I took Elijah out in the joggy stroller for 5 miles. I think that's the farthest I've been with the stroller, and it's certainly been the most hills. I felt like I was slowing to a standstill sometimes, but I must have been going faster than I thought because I made good time. Elijah and I both had fun, but I think I was more tired than he was when we got back.

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lisa said...

Of course you were more had to do all the work :)

I can relate to the hot weather and slacking.....we'll try to get back at it together, sound good?