Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Birthday Miles

It's been windy the past couple of days and work has been busy so it's been tough to get my miles in. Yesterday I squeezed in 3 miles before dinner, and today I hit the trails with Todd and Jake for 7. That on top of going to the pool this morning. So when Melissa came to take me out for ice cream I figured I had earned it. It was a great birthday, thanks to all those who sent along well wishes!

While I was in Boulder yesterday I popped in to the Bolder Boulder store at the 29th street mall to register. It was really easy and they were able to give me my bib and everything right up front. I will be running in the "CA" wave, with a projected finish time of less than 49 minutes. Now I just have to live up to my wave placement. This year they are offering the choice of a Technical t-shirt as part of the registration for $10 more than the regular t-shirt. It's a really nice blue Pearl Izumi shirt that I can actually wear for running. I figure if I were to buy the shirt alone it would cost $30, so really my registration is only $15 for the race. It will be nice to have one I can use as I have too many long sleeve race shirts that I will never wear.

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