Saturday, July 21, 2007

Getting Serious Again

I have learned that flexibility in a training program is a key to success. That has really been apparent over the past couple of weeks. Trying to fit in long runs and speedwork into a vacation is challenging at best, throw kids into the equation and you might as well kiss your runs good-bye. Then trying to resume a normal schedule and diet once you return takes time, and it takes its toll on running as well. But I managed to roll with it all and by today I feel pretty much back on track. My 18 miles was tough today, but I finished it, and my tempo run on Thursday was right where it should be thanks to Todd's pace-setting. Interestingly enough, the 18 I did today brought my total for the year up to 900 miles, so I should be on track to meet my goal in early August. From there the sky's the limit!

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