Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another Hurdle

Boy it seems like every week is a new barrier to my training. This week I got sick on Tuesday and was laid up for a couple of days with not much to eat. My run on Thursday was disastrous as a result of my lack of fueling the previous two days, and Friday I felt like I was just getting back into it. So I approached today's long run as flexibly as I could. Originally I planned on taking it a little easier with just a 14 mile loop, but by about 6 miles I was feeling pretty good and I decided to take advantage of the cool overcast weather and go 16. It ended up being a pretty slow run, but I finished the 16 with some gas left at the end. I'll have time to build my speed back up as the training continues as long as there aren't too many more monkey wrenches in the plans.

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