Saturday, August 04, 2007

Run to the Mall

This week marked a return to full-time training with 61 miles for the week. Of course part of that was the 20 miles I did today. I decided to mix it up a bit and instead of running around the reservoir I suggested to Melissa that she meet me at the Cherry Creek Peet's for coffee. From our house to the mall along the Cherry Creek trail is 20 miles, so I left home at 6 am and met up with Melissa at 9:30. We timed it perfectly, both arriving at essentially the same time. For me it was a great run, I finished the whole distance without having to take walk breaks and I averaged 9:18 minutes per mile. A few more weeks like that and I will be ready for the marathon.

I've been more careful about what I've been eating this week too. Of course it helps that there is so much fresh fruit on sale at the supermarket. I think I've actually been getting close to getting my daily recommended servings of fruit, which previously I thought was a theoretical impossibility. But what with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, fruit for lunch and smoothies in the evening I think I'm there. It's tough to make smart snacking choices when you have the "marathon training appetite" but I know that empty calories will not help me to run better the next day.

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