Friday, November 25, 2005

Cable has not let me down!

I found out today that one of our HD channels is going to be showing the Grey Cup on Sunday! Woo hoo! That's worth the five extra bucks we pay for those channels. Last year I was hoping they would be showing the game in Vegas, but we were not at a big enough sports book to see it. So this will be the first year since we left Canada that I will be able to see the big game. To make matters even better, my Eskimos are in it. I hope they stick it to the Alouettes. I want to see them get plucked, all puns intended. Go Esks!

I got out for a nice run today, and since I bought a little bicycle pump a few weeks ago, Elijah was able to ride shotgun in the joggy stroller. Went a little longer than my usual 3 mile route and was out for 45 minutes. I'll probably take the weekend off to recover and try to add a little more mileage next week. I'm definitely feeling like I'm getting in shape again, just gotta keep with it. That will be harder next week when the weather is nasty. I'm going to build off this week's momentum though.


Cate said...

what's the grey cup?

Geoff said...

The grey cup is the championship game for the CFL. It's the Canadian Football League's version of the Superbowl, except that there have been 93 Grey Cup games and only 40 (counting February's game) Superbowls.

lisa said...

go esks go!!! keep up the good work geoff. i have hit a slump this last couple of days with being sick and too busy so i expect to get back at 'er too!