Sunday, November 27, 2005


What a game! I can't believe I got to watch my Eskimos win it in overtime. That was probably the best football game I have ever seen, down to the final minutes for the championship. Ricky Ray (the quarterback) really played a great game. I was thoroughly impressed with his ability to excel against a relentless blitz defense.

I thought I would add an anecdote to this post. The summer before I left Edmonton I won a call in contest for a TV station to meet some of the Eskimo players. We had no car at the time (nor could we afford the bus) so I had to leave 2 hours before the event to walk to the Eskimo house in Edmonton. I left the apartment on time (6 am) and got on the elevator only to have it break down with me in it. I wasn't about to let that stop me getting to see my Eskimos, so I pryed open the inner doors, found the safety release for the outer doors, and sqeezed through a two foot space to the floor below. I got there just in time for the event. In the end I did not win the tickets that were up for grabs, but I won an Eskimos baseball cap that I still wear to this day.

Way to go Esks!


ryoohki99 said...

Great game yesterday! Go Esks Go!

lisa said...

i was a little disappointed the left ray in, even tho he did a good job yesterday. maas was a well deserving guy, pulling them out the 2 previous games to win. but, yes, ray did do the job in the end. glad you got to catch the game!

Athena said...

Good comment Lisa.. you're right, I was disappointed that they left Ricky Ray in.. you know Jason Maas wanted to play, but I guess they knew what they were doing.. we won!