Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Run before dinner

I took Elijah out for a 3 mile run tonight before dinner. I felt pretty good after Monday so I ran it at about an 8 min/mile pace. With all the hills and the joggy stroller it kicked my butt. It's hard getting back into it, I think my time at sea level and my blood donation made it hard to keep up with the altitude.

I'm golfing tomorrow in a church tournament. I haven't golfed in forever! I rented a great set of clubs for a good price though, so if I suck tomorrow I can only blame myself. Well you can't lose any balls you don't hit!


Mom said...

We had a great tournament yesterday and I might even grow to love the game. I sank a long putt that impressed everyone and because my ball often lay in the middle of the fairway, the guys chose to play it rather than the longest ball. A thunderstorm rolled through so we had to putt in hail but I guess that is all in the game.

lisa said...

I understand the getting back into it. Knowing you though, it won't kick your butt for long.

Next time you are up you need to golf with my hubby. You two would have a blast!