Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Damn your eyes!

Well, I went to the eye doctor this morning and now I can't see a thing. They had to dialate my eyes, and fortunately it is overcast today, but I can't read anything close up. It's a real pain, and I can't get any computer work done until this stuff wears off. Now that I have my prescription I can start shopping around for glasses. We get a 30% discount at LensCrafters with our AAA membership, so I'll probably end up going there. I'm thinking about getting those Transitions lenses as I have never had much luck with sunglasses, and we have a fair amount of money to spend in our cafeteria plan. It would be nice to have one pair of glasses that serves well both indoors and outdoors.

I went on a really nice run last night after dinner. Just a 5 mile circuit, but it was very relaxing. On Saturday I ran by an older fellow (early 60s I'm guessing) and we exchanged greetings as we passed. It was nice to have a runner say hello like that, and I have resolved to say hello more often to the people I pass on the trail. Most runners seem to be pretty anti-social along the bike path, a lot are plugged into mp3 players and don't even look your way. I used to run with my iPod mini, but now when I go I leave the mini at home. It just is so much more rewarding and relaxing to have nothing but your thoughts and the wind to listen to on the road. It's easier to keep a steady pace as well, as with music you tend to run at the pace of the song that is playing. That can really wipe you out and possibly lead to you overextending yourself. Also, the bicyclists on the path tend to pass pretty close and at high speeds, I feel just a little safer being able to hear them coming. At any rate, more greetings are in order!

Tonight is pizza night! On the weekend I made dough and threw it in the freezer so that it is ready to go during the week. That way we can pull it out of the freezer in the morning and it's all ready to go by the time I get home. It seems that the long rise in the fridge and freezer also really improves the dough, resulting in a ridiculously thin and crispy crust. It's heaven on earth. I think that if this science thing does not work out I'll end up opening a pizza place or bakery or something. There's just no substitute for really well made food.

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ZenBrayn said...

hmmm... Transitions? I have a pair and have to say I'm not too keen on them. Then again, I don't wear glasses all of the time, so I guess my situation is a little different. My main grip is that it takes too long once you come in doors for the lenses to change back (they might have better techonology now though -- mine are many many years old). Aside from making it difficult to see for a bit, it made me feel like an old person who has special shaded glasses (as they make the transistion, the lenses are not quite dark enough to be sunglasses, and not quite light enough to be regular lesnes). Just my two cents!