Friday, May 27, 2005

Since it's going around...

100 lesser known facts about me:

1. I think that banana is one of the funniest words

2. I love sleeping with the sheets all tucked in

3. I like serving other people

4. I have worn glasses since I was 4

5. I am happiest when I am solving problems

6. I loved learning to weld in high school and have wanted to do it for a living ever since

7. I was moderately overweight until grade 9 when I got pneumonia and lost 40lbs

8. I think Clint Eastwood may be one of the best actor/director ever

9. I love to cook, and bake. I make a mean chocolate chip cookie

10. I love going to Las Vegas, it’s the best travel deal going

11. I am learning to embrace and accept my geekiness

12. I love my wife’s smile, and she seems to have given it to my son

13. I enjoy my job because it offers new challenges everyday

14. I liked distance running in high school, but forgot that fact for 10 years

15. I am super anal-retentive about some things, which makes me good at analytical chemistry

16. I once earned enough money to buy a rib dinner by busking at the Fringe

17. I am not competitive and I hate most team sports

18. I love playing football, but only with a few people

19. My first car was a brown 1975 Plymouth Valient

20. I have a scar on my forehead from when I ran into a wall as a child

21. I love chopping wood, only one log has ever stood its ground with me

22. I hate eucalyptus

23. I make great pizza, and I should open a pizzaria

24. I like climbing trees, and am comfortable at most heights

25. I am a beer snob, the more hops the better

26. I am a whisky snob (duh!) I love single malt scotch

27. I have traveled through Germany, and visited the castle from the Sound of Music

28. I play the violin and the guitar

29. I think that Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world

30. I have the best behaved cat in the world

31. I don’t like driving, and will walk anywhere if I can

32. I love going to the firing range, and I am a good shot

33. I drink tea for my blood pressure, but coffee is a secret pleasure

34. I am also a coffee snob

35. I hate seeing the Times New Roman font in a Power Point presentation

36. I think RSS may be the best advance the internet has produced thusfar

37. I didn’t get the chickenpox until I was 17, they appeared when I was at a Rolling Stones voodoo lounge concert

38. I love science for the sake of science. It appeals to my curiosity

39. I love to explore, and discovering new places

40. I smoked for a year in high school

41. I once wire wrapped a pulse generator from scratch, it worked on the first try

42. I was 21 the first time I rode a horse. I loved it.

43. I have a Ph.D. in chemistry

44. I became a follower of Jesus when I was 22

45. I am an avid scuba diver

46. I think that hot tubbing in the snow is the best feeling in the world

47. I think there is no greater feeling than a close shave

48. The best thing about my honeymoon was an ice walk in Maligne Canyon

49. I love the outdoors and camping

50. I can build a fire with no paper and one match

51. There is nothing in life as useful as a sharp knife

52. One of my favorite dishes is steak and kidney pie

53. I think haggis is a delicacy

54. I’ve learned that having a desk job makes you crave manual labor

55. I love mathematics, but didn’t really understand it until my sophomore year in college

56. I have all 32 teeth and have never had a cavity

57. I have freed myself from a broken elevator twice

58. I hate elevators

59. I like gambling, it’s a mathematical challenge

60. I think there is no better start to the day than a bowl of porridge

61. One day I want to visit China

62. I miss In-N-Out more than anything else in California

63. I am still amazed by how quickly Bruce Lee can move

64. I think sharks are fascinating and beautiful creatures, but I still love the movie Jaws.

65. I am a scientist and I believe in creation

66. I think there is nothing like a light salad before dinner

67. I can’t wait to take my wife on a cruise

68. I have great respect for troops who stand up for freedom

69. I used to have an earring

70. I hate my hair, I can’t do anything with it

71. My father taught me that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. Wiser words have never been spoken

72. I like spaghetti westerns

73. I run in an Edmonton Eskimoes cap that I won when I was on the Big Breakfast (a local TV morning show)

74. I drink more milk than anyone else I know

75. I would have never made it through grad school without late nights at Carl’s Jr, and early mornings at IHOP

76. I have expensive tastes, but a shoestring budget

77. I think C. S. Lewis is an amazing writer

78. I was a groom before I was ever a groomsman

79. I have never been someone’s best man

80. I never dated anyone seriously apart from my wife

81. The only jewelry I wear is my wedding band

82. I think that spongebob is hysterically funny

83. I love Chicago deep dish pizza

84. I never wear pyjamas

85. I am a boxers man

86. I have never been admitted to a hospital

87. I am not really allergic to anything

88. One day I want a wood burning, brick oven

89. I am Canadian, but I don’t like hockey

90. I have never had to take out a student loan for my schooling

91. My wife and I lived for 2 years in an apartment barely larger than the room I am sitting in now

92. My pet peeve is people who still have the white headphones on their iPod

93. I am a morning person

94. I have been electrocuted more times than I can count

95. I have a weakness for ice cream

96. I can count on one hand the number of foods that I don’t like

97. I used to build and launch model rockets

98. I think that a kitchen is the most essential room in a house

99. I love Christmas more than any other time of year

100. I needed help from my wife to compile this list


melissa said...

That is an excellent list!

Athena said...

I love these lists, you sure do learn alot about other people!

Kelly said...

The last was the funniest. :) So I'm dying to hear what you did busking at the Fringe!