Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hot Town

It was supposed to cool down today, but it did not. I was hoping that it would have cooled off a little before I went out for my run, but no luck. It was 89 when I went out. This coupled with the fact that I grossly underestimated the distance of the run that I had planned out. I ran for about an hour at a 10 minute per mile pace, and was just too hot to continue. So I switched to a walk/run tempo and cut the loop short. I had my water though, so was not dehydrated, just hot. There were other crazy joggers out too, but not many. Mostly just bicyclists. Will have to keep my runs to less than an hour when it's hot like that out. Still, it felt great to get out. As Melissa mentioned on her blog, I am sort of in training for a half marathon in June. I haven't decided for sure for sure if I will go, but I'm seriously considering it.

We had a tasty dinner, got some hot dogs and BBQ'd up some of those and some kielbasa. Using the BBQ saved us from heating up the house any more than neccessary. It was very good and I got to enjoy a nice Flying Dog pale ale. This has become one of my favorite local beers. It was also bath night for Elijah, so we took care of that too. He was actually somewhat happy, and we had some fun splashing around for a change. Normally he just screams the whole time. It was a nice change.

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