Saturday, September 16, 2006

Longer Run

This morning Elijah and I went out for a good 5 mile run. It's a little longer than we've been doing lately, but I seemed to handle the distance well. I guess some things don't leave you as quickly as others. There are a few big hills on the way, so I took them slow with the joggy stroller. On Wednesday I went a little too fast on the first hill and I regretted it for the whole run. We had a little walk up to Caribou coffee as well, so it's been a good day for exercise. Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight. For those who are interested here is the route:


Cate said...

I love that pedometer! I figured out how long Kaisara's & my run/walk was yesterday. Nothing compared to yours but it's better than nothing. Thanks for that link!

lisa said...

Congrats on reaching your pledge goal and then some, Geoff! Don't stop pledging though just because his goal was met people, every little bit helps.