Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday in the Park

It sure didn't feel like the fourth of July. It was a brisk run this morning, but I had company. Elijah was bundled up in the Joggy stroller and Shaun went with me. We took a little jog into the Cherry Creek State Park and had a nice view of the snowcapped mountains. I much prefer running in the cool fall and winter than the hot summer months. It was a good way to start a Saturday, and something we plan to do regularly. I've been thinking about heading up a group that goes out weekly for a year or so now and I've finally decided to pull the trigger. We'll see how much interest I get, but even if no one shows up I can still go out on my own. Depending on how things go I may go out again tomorrow. Well gotta get ready for grab-ass (UFC 63) tonight!

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