Saturday, October 28, 2006

Snow and Joggy Strollers Do Not Mix

I did go out for my Saturday run today, but met up with a lot of resistance with sidewalks that have not been cleared. It was pretty icy in spots too. So it was short, maybe a mile or two, but I ran a little faster on the dry parts to get a sweat up. That made it 5 days that I ran this week, so my total mileage is right where I want to be. The weather sure was nice, by noon I was walking around Southlands in a T-shirt. Elijah is having a nap now, so I took the opportunity to make peanut brittle. That will be a nice halloween treat for all of us. This afternoon we are carving our pumpkin.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

peanut brittle???? That sounds sooooo yummy! When you mail me my donuts you can send me some of that too! lol.