Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blizzard 06.2

Well with Melissa off in sunny California for a few days I suppose it's up to me to keep updates going on the second blizzard of 2006 in as many weeks. Elijah and I took a nice long walk up to Smoky Hill road this morning before it started snowing. By the time we got back at 10:30 the first flakes were starting to fall. When Elijah got up from his nap at 4 we both went out to do the first shoveling of the day. We shoveled 2 inches or so but it was really starting to come down and by the time we got our snow gear off you couldn't tell we had done anything. Elijah went to bed at 7 and I noticed that our neighbor had done a run down our sidewalk with her snowblower, so I decided to brave the elements once again so that I'm not overwhelmed tomorrow. I shoveled another 3 or 4 inches but I was encouraged by the fact that the snow had let up a little bit. If the weather is correct though I'll have another 6 inches to do tomorrow morning. The hardest part of the job is the fact that I have to shovel our driveway halfway across the street to get to the ruts. Well, to be continued...


Cate said...

if it's any consolation to you, we're not that sunny here. i got rained out of my moring walk yesterday & it's been cold & gloomy.

mind you back whilst shoveling!

melissa said...

I'm thinking of you babe.

Listen to Cate, and your body and take it easy with the shoveling.