Friday, December 29, 2006

Day 2

Well we made it through another day of the blizzard and it was not all that bad. We only woke up to about 3 inches, so I shoveled that in the morning. Then through the day we got about another inch so I shoveled that at 5. Still no trash pickup for us, but the mail is becoming more reliable again. On the whole this blizzard has not yet been as debilitating as the one last week. Because the storm is moving fairly slowly the city seems to be able to keep on top of things pretty well. While some flights have been cancelled the airport has stayed open, which gives me hope for Melissa's return on Sunday. Unfortunately we are due to get another bout of snow tomorrow evening into Sunday morning, so we'll see how the conditions hold up.

Elijah and I beat the cold this morning by making biscuits with my new biscuit cutters. They were really good, so I'll have to make them again when Melissa is here. Well I have to go now, I'm learning how fiberglass insulation is made and the cat wants to be fed.


melissa said...

Oh I miss you guys. I can't wait to be with you again.

Lisa said...

Sounds like you are doing ok. Enjoy UFC tonight. We are watching too. I am looking forward to being in my pj's for it. lol.