Thursday, December 14, 2006


I did not do a run today, opting instead for a bit of a recovery with a trip to the pool. My swimming is showing signs of improvement and I can already do much more than I could when I first went a few weeks ago. As anyone who has ever "cross-trained" before knows, being relatively fit does not translate into being able to do any activity you want really well. So I have been taking it pretty slowly with the swim. Today was the first time that I stopped because I was a little bored rather than stopping because I am bushed. I find that much like the treadmill swimming laps is a little dull, but I love the low impact workout. I did 20 minutes today, which consisted of 2 laps each of sidestroke and breaststroke to warm up and then did a bunch of laps of front crawl (or freestyle). I lost count of how many laps of that I did, it was at least 10. Then I did 4 laps of back crawl and a cool down of 2 laps each of just kicking on my back, breaststroke and sidestroke. I don't know exactly how long each lap is, it's certainly not an olympic sized pool so it's probably 25 yards. I'm also kind of wussing out as I haven't got up the nerve to do any turns at the end of my lap, so I stand up and take a few breaths before turning around. In thinking about it it probably costs me more energy to do it that way as I have to find my rhythm all over again each time.

As a side note, I received a comment about my recent goose related blog post that I did not know whether they were in fact "Canadian" Canada geese, and not "American" Canada geese. The geese that I observed were in fact "Canadian" Canada geese as they were clearly gathering to discuss the merits of a centralized health care system before they were interrupted by my run. Just to set the record straight.


Diane/Nana said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Great Canada Goose story. My laugh of the day--thanks

Diane said...

Oops, the blog people have linked me to nana as they added the "/nana" before I realized it.

Lisa said...

That is really funny. Mr. Smarty pants.