Monday, May 21, 2007

This is taking it easy?

I'm supposed to be running pretty easy this week, but today I went pretty hard for 8 miles. It's supposed to rain tomorrow though so I'll either take a rest day or go for a really short one. As long as I get a few recovery days before next Monday I'll be good I think. I'm pretty nervous about this race, so I need to start forgetting about it and just letting it happen. If I overthink it it will end up being worse in the end I think. I certainly feel like I'm prepared, the hills yesterday were pretty gnarly with the joggy stroller and I had no problems at all. I just have to let go and rely on my preparation to get me through.

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ryoohki99 said...

You can't overthink things, otherwise you psyche yourself out and you are defeated before you even start. Just turn off the old brain and go! Plus when have you ever not suceeded at something you have put your mind to? Just try and finds something. . .see nothing at all.