Monday, February 05, 2007

Beautiful Day

The weather is gorgeous here right now and it sucks that there is still so much snow everywhere. I might try to run around the golf course later this week, but for now I still have to hit the track before work in the morning. I went for 4 miles today and I have updated my totals in the sidebar (thanks for the idea Cate)so that I don't have to keep looking for where I am every day. I had a little swim on Sunday while Melissa took the boy into the little pool, then I helped him blow his bubbles and practice his kicking. I hope he takes to it as I think that knowing how to swim at least a little is a good skill to have. We had fun and I imagine there will be more trips to the pool in the future if I need to get him out of mommy's hair for a little while. That and trips out in the joggy stroller, I can't wait!

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