Saturday, February 10, 2007

Boy where to start!

Today was a beautiful day and we spent a lot of it outside as a family. We were up pretty early this morning so we decided to head to Boulder to catch some of the cross-country championships. We caught the first race, which was the masters women. You know how sometimes you look at someone who has been smoking for a long time, and they look older than they are? Running seems to have the opposite effect. When we first saw the woman who eventually came in second, Melissa could not believe that she was 40. And there was one lady who was making her way around the course who was 71!!! After we watched the first few runners come in we headed out to go to Peet's for coffee and walk around the 29th street mall.

We came back home and ate lunch, then Elijah and I got ready for a run. We had to pump up the tires on the joggy stroller, and once we had done that we were off. We ran a route based mostly on where they sidewalks were clear and ended up going for 6 miles. It was slow going at times with the hills and the snow, but it was a good "long" run. It was also the first run with the double joggy stroller. It performed flawlessly, and was much easier to handle than the old stroller despite being larger. The boys and I are going to have fun with that for sure!

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