Friday, January 12, 2007

In the depths of winter

Our 4th storm in 4 weeks hit today and compared to the last 3 so far it's not too bad. I shoveled an inch of poofy snow this morning, but the real issue is the cold. When we got up this morning it was -2 degrees (that's -19 C for you Canucks) and it is supposed to be colder this weekend. I don't mind the cold so much as we have good winter gear, but it will be a shock for Lexi, who is visiting from California this weekend. We'll probably just huddle inside and bake, as that is the best thing to do on a cold winter day. We are greeting at church on Sunday though so I'll have to wear long johns for that as I am the "outdoor greeter".

You can't let the cold get you down though so I did head to the gym this morning for a workout. I really wanted to get a swim in before the week was out, but as the aquacise class started at 8:45 I had to skip the run and go straight for the pool. I still wanted to get a good workout though so I really worked hard to motivate myself to keep going. I ended up swimming for half an hour and had a great time. Not a bad way to beat the cold!

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