Saturday, May 27, 2006

Alumni Affairs

I had to go to work this morning for a couple of hours to give tours of the NMR facility to groups of alumni. It kind of sucked to have to go in on Saturday, but it's worth it as some of the alumni are pretty big donors to the university. I did manage to get my 3 mile run in before breakfast though, which is good as it is really hot today. It would feel a lot worse, but there is quite a wind out there and that makes it feel cooler than it is. It sucks the moisture right out of your skin though. Tomorrow morning I will do my five miles in the morning before church, and then we have our couples group over after that. I'm probably going to make pancakes for everyone. Mmmm, pancakes. It is technically a holiday on Monday for us, but I have to do a nitrogen fill, so I'll have to go in for a few hours to get that done. We may go to Boulder in the morning to cheer on some friends who are running in the Bolder Boulder. It will be a busy weekend, but it's all worth it knowing that next weekend we'll be on holiday!

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