Sunday, May 14, 2006


That's the only way to describe my run today. I hurt all over, but I seem to be recovering a bit now. The total mileage for the week really took its toll on me, and I had to run/walk the last 4 miles. But now that it's over I can enjoy my taper and get ready for the big day. I suppose it says something about my willpower to have got through this training alone, but I don't really feel like that. It's a battle every time it seems, today I was miserable 6 miles away from the car getting pestered by mosquitoes and no one around for miles. It was very difficult to get through. 3 weeks to go!

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lisa said...

Good job on finishing! I know how hard it is just to get motivated to do anything. I always knew you could do it, with or without a training 'buddy'.