Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Total Mileage

I went back over my posts for the past 16 weeks and reminisced a little about how far I've come. At the beginning 4 miles with only 4 minutes of hills was kicking my butt, now 10 miles seems comfortable to me. From Day 1 of my training program I have run 384 miles in preparation for this race. Now there's a number to think about!


Cate said...

Wow. o.k., so i feel like the total fat-ass that i am now. I'm glad you feel that you've accomplished so much. You really have! Congratulations Geoff!

lisa said...

Good job Geoff. Good luck at the marathon. As if you need luck. You've worked hard and earned everything. Way to go!

Diane said...

Wow what a big number! More power to you. You have accomplished so much over the last few months and I know you'll do well in the race. Know we are rooting for you here in Calgary. Go Geoff go!!!!