Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I'm taking advantage of a free moment to blog. It's tough to find time to do it when there aren't little fingers trying to "help" me type. We're getting ready to watch House! This weekend up in the mountains was good, although I didn't sleep as much as I would have liked. I got back on Sunday just in time to grab lunch, mow the lawn and go for my 18 mile run. It went better than I was expecting, so that gave me a little boost in confidence. The weekend felt rushed though, and I feel like I didn't get nearly enough family time. Today was 5 miles again, with 9 minutes of hills. I haven't run that route in 4 weeks so it was nice to see my deer friend again.

By the way, pics are up of the Cherry Creek Sneak. I probably won't buy any of me as I am grimacing in all of the shots (I do enjoy running in case it is not obvious from the pictures). But if you want to check them out go to myraceday.com and search for bib number 4201 (mine) and 4202 (Melissa).

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Cate said...

yeah, i woulda never guessed that to be you in the pics. you're usually way more smiley :-) you are in awesome shape though! i can't believe you can run 18 miles! i don't even drive that far to go to work! see you in a month!