Thursday, May 04, 2006

Minor Setback

Well it was inevitable I suppose. I got a cold. I've been pretty lucky with no sick days at all over the past 12 weeks of training. The timing was as good as it could get really. It hit Sunday night, and has pretty much cleared up now. So I ended up skipping my Tuesday 5 mile run so I could take it easy and recover. But I was back out today for 9 miles. Unfortunately the weather was not great, with cool temperatures and gusty winds. My nose was running too much which made things difficult, but other than that I was able to keep on pace for the full distance. I was glad as I was worried the cold had taken more out of me. Since Tuesday was my shortest run of the week I'm not too upset about missing it, but I may try to make it up with a short run on Saturday. I'll see what my schedule allows. Sunday I will be doing 18 miles, and it is supposed to be warm again so I bought a water bottle carrier with an extra bottle to get me through.

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