Tuesday, November 07, 2006


You'd think I would know my body better by now. Today I didn't leave Boulder until quarter to one so I ate an apple before the drive home so that I would have some energy for a run. I ended up crashing pretty hard towards the end and regretted not eating more. When I got back I downed my sandwich and felt much better afterwards. It seems like I really need a pretty good energy store to do my runs and breakfast just doesn't hold on that late.

I got home early enough to take Elijah swimming at the pool. He had fun I think but was still pretty cold as he doesn't like to move around much in the water. We swam for about 20 minutes then had a nice warm shower. Since I had such a late lunch we just had dinner after we got back. Spaghetti, tasty!


Cate said...

we had spaghetti for dinner tonight too! i love it. i could have it every week but kaisara's not that big of a pasta fan.

Geoff said...

I could probably eat it every night. But it's best to mix things up.