Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pseudo Taper

As part of my scaling back my mileage to prepare for the race on Thursday I only went running on Saturday and today for only about 3 miles each. My legs are feeling much better and I hope to be able to push the pace up a little on Thursday. As usual though I will take advantage of the crowding at the beginning of the race to make sure I don't go out too fast from the start. My goal is to run under 36 minutes for the 4 miles. More than likely I will not run tomorrow and try to get out of work early instead. I remember last year trying to drive home the day before Thanksgiving and it was painful. Check here for an update on Thursday with my race time!


Dad said...

Godd luck on your run tomorrow Geoff. Mom and I will be interested to hear how it went.

Anonymous said...

i'd say "break a leg" but that only works for my business. don't break anything but have a great time!