Monday, January 09, 2006

Day 1

Well after day 1 of the course I am slightly disappointed. It looks like it is not nearly as intensive as I was hoping, and a lot of what I was hoping to do is not part of the course any more. But I will make the most of it. The hotel (motel) that I am staying at is a bit of a dive, but is close to the training center, so at least I get a walk out of it. I just got back from a nice run. Stanford is about two miles from here so I took a little jog up there and skirted around the campus a little before heading back. It was a nice little 40 minute trip. I got passed by a runner from their track team so I took a few mental notes on his form and tried to do it myself. He had his elbows way back behind his back, which really straightens out the back and opens up the chest. I can see that after a long distance run, form like that will keep you in the running where a curved back would keep you from breathing properly. In a marathon it's really what you can do at mile 20 when the body starts to break down that counts, any little bit can help. Tonight we are going to the Fish Market for dinner. It came well recommended by some co-workers, so here's hoping for some good seafood.


melissa said...

Looking forward to your return, and exctied that it may be a day earlier.

we miss you.

Diane Armstrong said...

I checked out the Fish Market menu--my mouth is watering. Too bad the course isn't what you expected but you did learn something yesterday about runnng and that is a good thing. Mom