Monday, January 30, 2006

Stupid wind

Well running wise this weekend was a wash out. I was hoping to go for a long run on Sunday, but a big wind storm blew through and I did not feel like picking sand and gravel out of my teeth and hair all night. But it was beautiful today, so I got out for a nice 50 minute loop through Bluff Lake again. This is rapidly becoming my favorite run at work. It's long enough to be a good workout, with a couple of hills and of course lots of wildlife. It will be even better once they finish construction, and take down the stupid signs that are blocking the whole sidewalk.

I also put my marathon training schedule into my calendar today (I'm doing the beginner plan). I was a bit surprised as it looks like it will not be as intense as I had first thought. That's good as I want to build my confidence with this marathon, not destroy the desire to ever do one again. It looks like I'll only have to do a couple of runs during the work week and then long runs on the weekend. With the timing of the race, the longest runs will fall right into some of the nicest months of the year here in Colorado, I'm looking forward to that. It all starts on Valentine's day!

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