Monday, January 23, 2006

A Salute to All Nations (But Mostly America)

Went for a 50 minute run at lunchtime today. I ran down "ground-hog trail," which I named for the hundreds of ground-hogs that live along it, to the Bluff Lake Nature Center and back again. I was running along, enjoying the view of the mountains when I look to my right and see a huge bird in a tree near the trail. When I got close enough, I realized that it was a Bald Eagle! I had to stop and reflect on the size and majesty of this bird, it was quite a treat. After my circuit around Bluff Lake I came back and it was still sitting in the same spot, keeping an eye on me. I couldn't help but wonder at the damage this bird could do with its beak and talons if it decided it didn't like the look of me. The whole experience left me really appreciating being able to run in Colorado.


melissa said...

that's awesome! did you take a pic with your camera phone?

lisa said...

that is way too cool!!! i would love to see one. and to think, we drive through elk island park every week at least once for 9 years now and i still havent seen a bull moose!!!

Cate said...

awesome. i still love seeing hawks circle over the strawberry fields here near our condo. very majestic.