Friday, January 20, 2006

Home at Last

Yesterday I left sunny CA to go to snowy CO. Our class finished two days earlier than we thought, so we were able to get a morning flight back yesterday rather than coming in at 11 tonight. That was a nice treat. Elijah showed me his new trick and we spent some time goofing around, but it was still not enough. Oh well, that's what the weekend is for I guess. I had to come in to work today to start catching up on all I had to do, but I still found time for a 40 minute run. It went pretty well considering I'm back at altitude. Since the snow has ended and the sun come out it's perfect weather for a run, just a little sloppy in some parts. Quite a difference from the run I took on Wednesday in Palo Alto. I still liked today's run better though.

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