Friday, January 13, 2006

Day 5 - RF

I was dragging a bit today after yesterday. I guess that should teach me. Still had an interesting day, and a good troubleshooting session to cap off the day. So one week down and one to go. Tomorrow I'll be making a trip into either Monterey to see the aquarium, or to San Francisco, depending on the weather. I'll have to fit time in to go to a laundromat as well. As for tonight it's off to bed early for me, although Thunderball is on TV so I'll probably watch that first.

Had dinner at an indian restaurant tonight, which really cleared out the sinuses. I had a lamb curry, called Rogan Josh. It was very tasty. We hit Trader Joe's on the way back and I got some Peanut clusters to snack on tonight. It really sucks being away from home on the weekend, I miss Melissa and Elijah a lot.

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melissa said...

Mmm, TJ's. We miss you too sweetie. But it's almost over. So did you hear from Sean?