Saturday, January 07, 2006

Still running

Yesterday was a rather busy day at work, but I still managed to sneak in a 45 minute run in between the helium fill and the nitrogen fill. The rest of the day was spent preparing everything there for my absence. I was glad to be able to go for a longer run. I kept the pace lower and was able to finish the 45 minutes no problem. This tells me that my endurance has not suffered that much, only my cardio has been affected. But with 4 days of running in a row (yes I went today too for half an hour) I can definitely feel my strength returning. With my trip to California these next two weeks I hope to be able to get in a few good runs. I just hope the rain will let off for me. I'm going to have to find time to go in the evenings I think as my days will pretty much be filled with the training sessions. I'm really looking forward to all that I will get to learn, and it's likely that if I do blog over the next two weeks it will only really appeal to NMR jocks. But it's going to suck being away from my family for that long. Elijah seems to be developing so quickly that it feels like he will be ready to move out by the time I get back. As it is I'm just enjoying the weekend, and looking forward to the next one I will get to spend home.


melissa said...

We're gonna miss you. :(

I hope you get the chance to do some running out there. Watch out for the hippies.

lisa said...

enjoy your training and i hope you get to do some running too! specially with those new shoes of yours. i still think they are so cool!