Saturday, January 21, 2006

Long Run!

Today was gorgeous, a little cool, but nice and sunny. I went for my long run, 6.8 miles, took me 65 minutes, and it is a hilly circuit. We have a lot of hills near us so it is a part of every run here. On one hill I was passed by a bicyclist on the way down, and then I passed him on the way up the other side. I think that's the longest run I've taken here since we moved. I used to go that long all the time when we lived in Denver, but my mileage fell off in the fall. This weeks total mileage is over 28 miles, so if I can keep that up I'll be in good shape to start marathon training in February. I think running every day helps as it sets a routine that is easy to keep up. If I miss a day, then that becomes my rest day for the week. Tonight I'm relaxing and enjoying time with Melissa. There truly is no place like home.

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